Private Baby Massage Guidance

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Private Baby Massage Guidance

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Ideal for babies from 8 weeks – crawling

Baby massage can help to soothe wind and colic, promote relaxation and deepen bonding for you and your baby. You will learn wonderful techniques to massage your baby, drawn from traditional Indian massage, Swedish massage, Acupressure and Reflexology.

Touch is baby’s first developing sense and this nurturing massage is such a special way to help your baby feel cherished and soothed, whilst deepening your communication during baby’s early development. Easy to learn, fun and relaxing to do, baby massage provides very positive early interaction and strengthens the bond you share.

What will I learn?

The techniques combine Reflexology and Acupressure with Swedish and Indian massage. Offering babies deep relaxation, relief from common symptoms as well as stimulation encouraging development. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy time and space together, deepening the bond between you…

Baby Massage with Martha

One-to-one - You will learn bespoke routines for your baby in the comfort of your home, learning alongside other family members can be a very special way of integrating baby massage into your family.