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Baby massage class Feedback

Below is a feedback form that I would very much appreciate you filling out, when you have a moment to do so. It can be sent anonymously, if that is preferred, this allows you to give honest feedback which I really do appreciate.

All this is in the name of making the classes as positive an experience as they can be which is very important to me. I hope that you have enjoyed yourself during our 4 weeks learning more about the beautiful gift of massage that we can give to our babies.

I wish you all the absolute best in your lives together. If you ever have any questions then always feel free to get in-touch.

Sending smiles... Martha x

P.S. When submitting any personal data (information) then I advise that you take note of my (or anyone else's) privacy policy, detailing why I/they need to collect your personal data, as well as how it is processed and protected. I am required to collect this personal data in order to do my job effectively and safely, providing you with the best possible treatment, advice and personalised teaching. I will not share this information with any 3rd party, unless required by the law to do so and do all that I can to keep it secure, at all times. My privacy policy sets this out in more detail.

Adding your name is optional :)
Good course structure and organisation.
The course was good value for money.
The materials were a good support to the course.
The atmosphere in class was both positive and supportive.
I enjoyed the classes, the pace and teaching style.
There were opportunities to discuss baby related issues.
I now feel confident massaging my baby.
I would happily recommend this course to other parents.
Would you like to be contacted with details of future events?
Are you happy for me to use your positive comments in future PR?