'The session was a complete tonic for the soul on every level!

In just a few sessions Martha was somehow able to release muscles knots and long term areas of pain that no other massage or holistic therapist we've seen has ever come close to helping. It's hard to explain just how much knowledge Martha has available at her finger tips until you meet her and start chatting to her about what's going on for you. '

Alasdair Gordon and Rachel Bradbury

‘Martha has the touch.  I came away on a cloud. It is amazing what the power of touch can do.’ 

Rebecca Rodden

'Martha has healing hands. As well as making me feel comfortable whilst holding my feet, the reflexology worked wonders.

I was amazed by the results and by how relaxed and calm I felt after each treatment.'

Ralph Turner

'I can't recommend Martha enough. I always feel better and more invigorated after a session.' 

Dorothy Duffy

'Physically it has had such phenomenal results that I feel it's wrong to keep this a secret. 

Your touch is light and comforting but you take no prisoners in getting to the heart of it!

I believe that the art of this ancient science can only be as good as its practitioner and I was very lucky to have you!'

Lisa Christodoulou

'Sensitive, astute and genuinely fascinated by the process,

Martha has a great gift for finding which areas of your body need unblocking or healing' 

Louise Breckon-Richards

'Martha's treatments have benefited me so much and helped me so deeply, in ways no other practitioner has ever managed to. Perhaps it's the fact that she is so supportive, putting you at ease and making you feel relaxed. The treatment itself is calming and effective, not just an ordinary massage but directly aimed at the origin of the problem, the cause.'

Kathryn Ghale

 'I found Martha to be very attentive, present and receptive, tuned in to what was needed.'

Mark Gubb

'Martha is an excellent Shiatsu practitioner. I would recommend her, to anyone looking for a Shiatsu Practitioner.'

Char Scrivener

'The baby massage with Martha was amazing, she was really friendly and knowledgeable and my son loved it...'

Julia, mum to Herbie

'Martha, thank you so much for the baby massage course.

Charlie absolutely loves it - my mum and husband can't believe how much he calms down the minute I start the massage!'

Katie, mum to Charlie

‘A truly beautiful experience that both myself and my baby daughter thoroughly enjoyed!

This calming hour on a Monday morning set the precedence for the week and is something we will truly miss.’

Emily, mum to Daisie

Baby massage with Martha has been one of the highlights of my maternity leave so far.

Monday mornings were like a sanctuary of peace and calm for us and I really miss the class!

Lianne, mum to Eira